Hevreh is a Hebrew word meaning “Circle of Friends”.


Hevreh Ensemble has come together from many places; together with their wonderful audiences and listeners, they have truly become a circle of friends. The members of the group trained at the Juilliard and Manhattan Schools of Music, SUNY Stonybrook, Brooklyn College, and the Jerusalem Conservatory in Israel — institutions that inspired their passions for music education and engagement with their audiences.  Hevreh Ensemble members have been fortunate throughout their careers, friendships, and travels to have the opportunity to explore many different areas of music, including jazz, composition, conducting, and many musical traditions from around the world.


Judith Dansker and Laurie Friedman have been lifelong friends and colleagues, meeting as music students at the Manhattan School of Music. They were founding members of the Galliard Woodwind Quintet, which garnered critical acclaim for their performances at the Frick Museum, Carnegie Hall, and the Library of Congress.


Adam Morrison moved from New York City to Israel when he was in high school, and attended music school in Jerusalem.  He furthered his studies in Composition and Jazz at the California Institute of the Arts.


Jeff Adler (ASCAP) is an active performer in the orchestras of Broadway musicals, including Les Miserables. Through one of his pit band colleagues, he was introduced to Hawk Little John, a Cherokee Medicine Man and flute maker. Little John was a mentor to Adler as he began to incorporate Cherokee flutes into his performance and compositions, and introduced him to a circle of friends and colleagues including Adler’s flute-maker, Daniel Bigay.