Contorno - Contour (2010)

Contour (2010) is a short piece in two movements dedicated to Cuban flute virtuoso Niurka Gonzales.


Suite Habana (1992)

Havana Suite was originally written for guitar and flute. Its style calls to mind new age sonorities. It is one of Eduardo's most performed works. “Laberinto” combines influences from tango and rock. “Sol y sombras” has more accessible South American rhythms like bossa or samba.


Mirándote - Looking at you (1995)

This piece was originally written as a short solo guitar piece, included in a cycle titled Álbum de la Inocencia (Album from Innocence) and is dedicated to Eduardo's son Dario. This lullaby recreates the thoughts and feelings, the fear, endearment, pride, and hopes that a father experiences when watching his toddler playing outside in the garden.


En Cinco Lineas - In Five Lines (2002) is a suite originally composed for solo guitar and dedicated to five friends who are all prominent guitarists.


“Annunciation” is the first in this series and was written for Iliana Matos with complete freedom and great enthusiasm, because Iliana can take on any musical or technical challenge without difficulty. There are melodic rhythms and turns in the piece that transport us quickly to South America, but not to a single country in this vast region—rather to an area rich in sound transculturation.


“Illuminated,” is a piece with Cuban flavor featuring predominantly the syncopations of traditional “son”. The structure is simple; two parts are repeated as happens in most of the dances in any baroque suite or folk piece. It is dedicated to José Ignacio López, a man always touched by the muses, hence his title.


“Prophecy of the Water and the Wind” is related to the blues, but does not stop being meditative despite its impromptu style. In the first part, the rigorous pulse allows silences to acquire their true expressive meaning. The sound becomes more intense as the piece progresses. It is dedicated to Francisco Gamallo, a special friend who never ceases to stimulate Eduardo’s musical thoughts and to challenge his will.


“The Absence” is a romantic song, very appropriate to the musical sensibility of Rosa Matos for whom it was composed. It contains certain melodic twists and harmonics typical of the bolero, although this pulse is much more flexible.


“Illusion and Truth” is based on Afro-Cuban rhythms, essentially to some “batá” drums cells. Certain rock influences are always present. This piece is dedicated to prominent guitarist Jorge Luís Zamora. The music possesses a lively and cheerful character.


Para Soñar Contigo - To dream with you (2004)

This piece is a lullaby written at the end of 2004 and is dedicated to Catalina D'Onia, the daughter of close family friends.


Hasta Alicia Baila - Even Alicia Dances (1991)

This is a work based on an urban musical genre that originated among black working class Cubans in the late 19th century. Traditionally a vocal piece accompanied by discarded furniture, glass bottles, and cutlery, the most popular variation can include several percussion instruments such as congas, claves, chekeré, and cowbells. This piece is dedicated to a very prominent and refined Cuban lady who, for a while, only favored western classical music and didn't appreciate the aesthetic wonders of these intricate Afro-Cuban rhythms.


“Canción De Octubre” - October's song (1989)

This piece belongs to a popular suite for solo guitar titled Canciones del Calendario where Martín describes different internal shifts in moods related to the passing of the seasons. This little gem is one of the very first pieces written by Martín and it is easy to notice his inclination for new age sounds.


Sones Y Flores - Sones and Flowers (1995)

Sones Y Flores recreates the evolution of Cuba's most famous musical genre, the son montuno, starting with its basic rhythmic patterns and sonorities from when it was invented at the end of 19th century. It quickly develops into the sounds of its golden era, between the 1920s and 1940s. Jazz, pop, and rock sounds are added to the mix.


Trazos En El Aire - Strokes in the Air (2006)

Trazos En El Aire is dedicated to Spanish composer and flutist Jesús Gonzales.





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