Home is where you make it.

It’s where your people are. It’s what gives you a sense of peace in an inconsistent and unpredictable world. Home is a feeling more than a place – it is a state of being, a sense of self, a unifying force of connectedness. Our journey home starts with music and ends with family. It’s the sound of our beautiful country of Botswana; the rhythms and chords that you might hear on an outdoor stage on a Sunday afternoon; the smiles and laughs as the crowd takes to the dance floor and glides to the beat. It brings us together in spite of oceans and man-made arbitrary border lines. This music is our common language – it is our long journey home. Join us.


We would like to acknowledge our friends and families for supporting us for all of these years. Ollie, Kevin, Khaya, and the staff from Botswanacraft, thank you for the space to record and play our music (and the excellent meals!). Skizo, Lex, and Berry – thanks for using your recording skills to breathe life into this music. Andy, this project would be nowhere without your phenomenal ear and your unparalleled mixing skills. To those who are no longer with us, Elliot, Malombo, Shabane, and too many others, robala ka kagiso. Finally, to all of the jazz artists in Botswana who have encouraged and inspired us over the years, we are forever grateful.


photo: Left to Right: Zakes Gwaze (guitar), Lekofi Sejeso (keyboard), Makhwenkwe (drums), Matt Dacso (tenor saxophone), Brian Nyakurukwa (bass), and Andrew Chinganga (alto saxophone, Dingalo Mpolaise (percussion, not pictured). Photo by Premal Patel

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