The long journey home

Trans-Kalahari quintet


Zakes Gwaze

Matt Dacso


Brian Nyakurukwa

Lekofi Sejeso


Trans-Kalahari Quintet’s THE LONG JOURNEY HOME, the latest release from Ansonica Records, is a cross-continental exploration of jazz, funk, and South African cultural traditions. Saxophonist and composer Matthew Dacso met his bandmates while serving in Botswana as a doctor. Now, he proudly presents this unique musical fusion to audiences around the world.


The album begins with Pulse of the Kalahari, a jubilant performance featuring a saxophone duet (with Dacso on the tenor sax), supported by a rhythm section. Dacso’s thesis for this album is that music is our common human language, and this piece tells listeners of all backgrounds the same thing: get up and dance!  Next comes Wander, which kicks off with a vamping electric piano before launching into a jazzy saxophone head. All the while, drummer Arthur “Makhwengwe” Mengwe is cooking up a sophisticated syncopated beat. Later in the album we hear Tune for Miriam, which starts out with an electric bass line before settling comfortably into a laid back funk groove. Sunday Breeze is a swinging jazz tune in which Dacso and his band take turns showing off their effortlessly-cool improv chops. The album closes with Otse Jive, an elated number that transports listeners to an outdoor festival on a sunny Botswana Sunday afternoon.


Regardless of where in the world you call “home,” THE LONG JOURNEY HOME offers the unrivaled contentment of arriving there. TKQ’s colorful and electric compositions, paired with skillful and unrestrained performances from his band, transcend borders to share the beauty of Botswana with the whole human family.



Release Date: October 9th, 2020

Catalog #: AR0014

Format: Physical & Digital



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