intersections Cross-Cultural Collaborations in Sound


This exquisitely produced album embodies the beautiful art whose creation has been enabled by the newly opened cultural exchange between the United States and Cuba. Through a collection of intriguing compositions by American and American-based composers, INTERSECTIONS showcases the talents of Cuban musicians in a variety of large ensemble and chamber settings. Moreover, the pieces in the album’s contents are replete with symbols that touch on the promise of this new beginning in American-Cuban relations, and suggest some of the darkness that preceded it.


INTERSECTIONS features the works of composers Jeffrey Jacob, Heidi Jacob, Steven Block

Sergio Cervetti, and Christina Rusnak.




For nearly 60 years, cultural and economic exchange between the United States and Cuba has been hindered and hobbled as a result of the U.S. embargo on trade and travel.  Influence from each has seeped through to both sides, but only with the restoration of diplomatic connections between the two countries in December 2014 did it become possible for real cooperation to occur.


In November 2015, less than one year after these initial steps toward fully opening relations, PARMA Recordings produced the first of its recording projects in Havana.  The resulting album, ABRAZO: THE HAVANA SESSIONS on the newly-minted Ansonica Records label, presents works for big band, small jazz combo, choir, and chamber ensembles by composers Bunny Beck, Roger Bourland, Donald Bowyer, Margaret Brandman, John Carollo, Timothy Miller, Mel Mobley, and Michael Murray performed by current or former members of the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, the Buena Vista Social Club, Irakere, and many more.


“Producing new music by living composers is my passion, and hearing musicians play with this level of preparation, dedication, and ingenuity was invigorating,” says PARMA CEO Bob Lord.  “We went right to the source, and sure enough they brought a totally new dimension to the music – a Cuban dimension, a feel and a sound and a perspective unlike anything else in the world.”


ABRAZO will be released on June 10, 2016 as a double-length physical and digital release.  A four-track streaming sampler of the album, SELECTIONS FROM ABRAZO, is available online now:







Zalba Saxophone Quartet  |  Leonardo Jiménez, soprano saxophone; Yuniet Lombida, alto saxophone; Aliet Gonzales, tenor saxophone; Javier Zalba, baritone saxophone


Recorded November 13, 2015 at Abdala 1 in Havana, Cuba

Producer : Dayron Ortega

Engineer : José Raúl Varona


2    IMPRESSIONS – Bunny Beck (arr. Ceruto)

Rolando Luna, piano; Oliver Valdez, drums; Carlos Miyares, tenor; Yasek Manzano, trumpet; Yoandry Argudin, trombone; Lazaro Rivero, bass; Mary Paz, congas


Recorded November 12, 2015 at Abdala Studios in Havana, Cuba

Producer : Juan Manuel Cerruto

Engineer :  Maykel Barzagas


3    ALARCÓN MADRIGALS, BOOK 3 – Roger Bourland

Vocal Luna  |  Wilmia Verrier Quiñones, conductor


Recorded November 9-10, 2015 at Bellas Artes Concert Hall in Havana, Cuba

Producer : Wilmia Verrier Quiñones

Engineer : Miguel


4    HOT MIAMI NIGHTS – Timothy Lee Miller

Joaquín Betancourt, conductor

Yuniet Lombida Prieto, alto saxophone 1; Javier Zalba, alto saxophone 2; Michel Herrera, tenor saxophone 1; Osmel Cuellar, tenor saxophone 2; Evaristo Denis, baritone saxophone; Yoandy Argudín, trombone 1; Diana Saíz, trombone 2; Osley Patridge, trombone 3; Ivanovi Garzón “El Pipi”, trombone 4; Lázaro Oviedo, trumpet 1; Tommy Laurent García, trumpet 2; Alberto Mesa, trumpet 3; Julio Rigal, trumpet 4; Lázaro Rivero “El Fino”, bass; Bernardo Bolaños, congas; Enrique Plá, drums; Raúl Verdecia “El Chino”, guitar; Emilio Morales, piano y solo


Recorded November 11, 2015 at Abdala Studios in Havana, Cuba

Producer : Dayron Ortega

Engineer : José Raúl Varona, Edian Correa (assistant)